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Bay Area Plan logoOur Statement on Winter COVID Surge

Bay Area Parent Leadership Action Network continues to call on every parent, family and community member to invest in the safety and health of Black, Indigenous and Immigrant children. Thank you to every parent, family and community for wearing a mask and participating in regular testing to #keepourkidssafe. Right now, we are in another COVID-19 surge in the Bay Area with over 10% positivity rate across multiple districts and counties. It is a hard time for many who are testing positive and those who are not. As a Bay Area community, BAPLAN believes we are united on one principle- we all want schools to be open for our students to learn.

Unfortunately, many of our Black, Indigenous and immigrant students, parents and staff within BAPLAN have experienced unequal access to personal protective equipment (PPE) and COVID testing provided by their district.  We recognize that there are probably a myriad of reasons why that could be happening. Yet, California leaders made a commitment to safe public schools that parents, families and communities could trust their children would not contract COVID within. We are calling for accountability to that commitment urgently. We demand that school districts and their supporters prioritize getting the personal protective equipment (PPE) and Covid rapid and PCR testing for students, educators and staff to stay safe on school campuses. 


Due to the different needs of our Bay Area families, we hold no position at the moment on schools being opened or closed. We do urge school districts to determine whether their schools should be closed based on their ability to provide the PPE and testing needed to keep schools safe and open.


We want to make sure that Black, Indigenous and Immigrant kids and their families receive the resources to implement best guidelines so that they can survive and thrive beyond COVID-19.






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