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We want every student to succeed.

That means we all share responsibility to get every student to their fullest potential.

Students succeed when parents feel heard, respected and lead education change. Parents, families, schools and communities working together is the key to ensuring all students’ learning take off. That’s why we develop the leadership and build the power of parents, families and communities to transform schools.

Our collective power will #upgradepublicschools so that the every generation has the opportunity to learn.

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Transformative Capacity Building


Parent Action


Parent Leadership


Capacity Building

We put the needs, concerns and voices of parents, families and their children first.

We know that we need to transform the culture within our schools. This means addressing the barriers that parents of color face on a daily basis such as institutionalized white supremacy, economic oppression, anti-Blackness, xenophobia and more.

As a member of PLAN’s community, parents receive training to lead campaigns that raise awareness around the concerns that directly impact them, their young people, and their communities.

As an organization, Bay Area PLAN is committed to building the power and centering the needs of Bay Area parents and families in order to shift behaviors, culture, and practices in schools that inhibit our youth from thriving in and outside of the classroom.

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