Transformative Family Engagement Standards

We have been working hard to develop Transformative Family Engagement (TFE) Standards that articulate how we feel about the way family engagement should exist in schools.

Through stakeholder engagement, research interviews and work group learning, we’ve developed a list of 10 TFE Standards that schools should adhere to in order to better the experiences of students, parents and school leadership, alike.


Shared Decision Making

District includes students and families in shared decision-making to support student learning experiences and outcomes.


Communication & Language Access

District ensures all students, families, schools and central offices can communicate about student achievement and learning conditions in families’ preferred communication style and language.


Student & Family Leadership

District invests in the development of student and family leaders to support family engagement in shared decision making and student learning.


Educator Recruitment & Retention

District incorporates students and families in educator recruitment and retention.


Partnerships for Teaching & Learning

District invests in development of partnerships to support student learning, and incorporates students and families into teaching, learning and instruction.


Services to Students

District has a whole child approach to education and incorporates students and families into the design, planning, and evaluation of services to students and families.


School-wide Social & Emotional Behavioral Development

District incorporates students and families into the design, implementation and evaluation of policies and practices that support schoolwide social and emotional behavioral development.


School, District & Community Professional Learning

District provides continuous family engagement professional learning for all educators and staff, and incorporates students and families into professional learning for educators and staff.


Culture, Climate & Relationships

District partners with students and families to monitor, measure, and improve school and district culture, climate and relationships that are welcoming and supportive of students and families.


Continuous Improvement

District collaborates with families to evaluate and continuously improve family engagement.

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