PLAN Transformative Capacity Building (TCB) program is an individualized, integrity-based approach to guiding and supporting institutions engaged in the work of expanding and reforming their capacity to be just, equitable and sustainable community resources.

TCB integrates design-thinking, systemic-change methods, cultural-humility awareness, leadership development and holistic management tools into a comprehensive resource toolkit for schools and community organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area working to comply with Title I, LCFF and California State law.

TCB is committed to a Racial and Social Justice Framework to achieve Education Equity and uses proven and effective collaboration practices that capitalize on the strengths and organizing power of community-based organizations, parents, and families committed to the socio-emotional, economic, cultural and academic wellness of children.

Program Components

PLAN specifically designed the Transformative Capacity Building Program to execute effective contracts that would meet each organization’s specific needs and ensure the organization reaches its personal goals to serve its constituents with appropriate skills, resources and management tools. By employing social and personal development, TCB propels institutions and organizations to invest, plan, budget, and collaborate effectively with key partners in ways that result in the academic success of San Francisco Bay Area students. The main components of the program to accomplish this individualized impact are:

Impact Assessment

TCB Program supports organizations and institutions in identifying their systemic barriers to strategic plan implementation, program development, Title I and LCFF compliance and achieving impactful results with students’ academic success or family engagement. PLAN partners with organizations to support and mentor them in the process of enacting systemic change around institutional culture, ideology, structure, and power systems that will enable and ensure lasting, sustainable transformation of policies and approaches to achieving success.

Leadership Development

TCB program accesses the skills and dedication of the highest stakeholders in the learning outcomes and educational success of California children, using the equity-focused PLAN Transformative Family Engagement model and a variety of structured trainings and resources that value a child’s community as an asset in the capacity-building process.

Shifting Institutional Culture

TCB program operates from a foundation of cultural respect that is inclusive of all parties seeking to reconcile and improve the education system for California youth, especially those students from communities who experience disenfranchisement by oppressive management systems. PLAN Transformative Capacity Building Program provides personnel, training, resources, and mentorship in shifting institutional culture to increase the academic success for students.

Management Effectiveness

TCB program uses a broad range of management tools not limited to the talent, expertise, voices, resources, and human capital already in place in children’s lives to improve their educational outcomes by transforming institutions to meet their needs. To accomplish these goals, the TCB program utilizes our Transformative Family Engagement model as a core tool in maximizing the impact of management in the reform process. We view effective management as a critical investment in the sustainable practice and infrastructure of schools, districts, and organizations.

Obtaining Results

The following sustainable, integrity-based methods are elements of individualized capacity building plans:

  • Leadership Development and Coaching
  • Consulting and Facilitation services
  • On-site Praxis Evaluation for institutions and schools
  • Peer-learning groups and training
  • Coordination and Administrative support
  • Training for sustainable workforce development
  • Design thinking and strategic planning, support and training

Specific samples of capacity building contract objectives:

  • Facilitation for implementing Transformative Family Engagement principles
  • Teaching and training parents in multiple languages
  • Training parents, families and community members to hold seats on School
  • Site Committees and take active leadership roles in their children’s schools
  • Comprehensive training services such as interactive workshops, retreats, and instructional webinars that provide in-depth review, explanations and examples to demystify Title I, LCFF, LCAP and California State Education Law, policies and regulations
  • Consultation, instruction and training in optimal student, parent, and family outreach techniques and strategies
  • Increase participation and support in pre-school and K enrollment for children of color through effective funding oversight, budget consultation
  • Consultation on school site Single Plan for Student Achievement, including evaluations and compliance assessments
  • Design holistic metrics that quantify student success with measurable results that move beyond numerical measures into holistic community impact

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