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Bay Area Parent Leadership Action Network (PLAN) empowers parents to transform schools so that all children can access an excellent education. PLAN’s groundbreaking parent leadership development, organizing and school-family partnership work in Oakland elementary schools is changing the narrative about the role families play in their children’s education.

Decades of research shows that, when families are engaged in their children’s education, students succeed and schools improve. Every year, PLAN develops the skills, knowledge and confidence of hundreds of Oakland parents in low-income communities of color to be leaders in their children’s education. In addition to increasing their school site involvement, PLAN leaders have successfully organized for Standards for Meaningful Family Engagement in Oakland Unified School District (OUSD). We involved more than 100 parents in the 2013 successful statewide campaign to win Local Control Funding Formula, a historic reform which directs more resources to students facing the most challenging barriers to success. We’re now on the ground in several East Oakland schools and district committees , working with parents, staff and community partners to make the promise of parent voice and student equity real.

The need for PLAN’s brand of meaningful family engagement is rising. To meet this need, we are seeking up to four new leaders for PLAN’s Board of Directors to help us expand our organizational resources and capacity.

Desired Skills, Qualities and Experience
● Commitment to PLAN’s mission and the passion to contribute your time, talent and treasure to advance it
● Strong interpersonal communication skills
● Demonstrated leadership skills
● A strong network and willingness to speak about PLAN to your network
● Willingness to cultivate and foster relationships with individuals for financial support and help with fundraising.
In addition, the following skills and experiences are highly desirable:
● Organizational leadership and strategic planning, including experience in leadership transition,
● Financial knowledge and leadership, including creating and managing budgets and communicating about financial matters in lay terms
● Communications, fundraising and marketing
● Knowledge of Bay Area nonprofit community, foundations and public education landscape

If you are interested in serving with a dynamic, diverse group of people committed to transforming education from the ground up, consider applying for our next cohort of board leaders, which begins in April 2016. To be considered as a candidate for board service, please contact Angelica Jongco at to schedule an interview.

Board Responsibilities
In addition to critical fiduciary and general oversight responsibilities, PLAN’s Board members are expected to engage in leadership activities—providing strategic support and expertise, raising funds, building community support—that further the organization’s goals. As part of my responsibilities as a Board member:
1. I will interpret the organization’s work and values to the community, represent the organization and act as an ambassador to build community support.
2. I will attend at least 75% of board meetings, including committees or projects I am assigned to. I will actively participate in the Board-Staff retreats (2-3x a year).
3. I will RSVP my attendance for Board meetings or Board committee meetings at least one day in advance to either the Board Chair (for board meetings) or the Committee Chair (for committees to which I am assigned).
4. Each year I will make a personal financial contribution at a level that is meaningful to me (e.g., a contribution that is equal to or greater than your most generous charitable contribution).
5. I will actively participate in one or more fundraising activities.
6. I will provide strategic support and expertise to help the organization reach its goals.
7. I will act in the best interests of the organization, and excuse myself from discussions and votes where I have a conflict of interest.
8. I will stay informed about activities and current issues at PLAN and volunteer at least once quarterly at a PLAN program or funder development activity. I will ask questions and request information. I will participate in and take responsibility for making decisions on issues, policies and other board matters.
9. I will work in good faith with staff and other Board members towards achievement of our goals.

In turn, PLAN will be responsible to me in several ways:
1. I will be sent an agenda and materials at least two days prior to the board meeting.
2. PLAN will help me perform my duties by keeping me informed about issues around educational equity and parent engagement.
3. PLAN’s board and staff will assist me with any challenges to the best of their abilities.
4. I will be offered opportunities for professional development as a Board Member.
5. Board members and staff will respond in a straightforward fashion to questions that I feel are necessary to carry out my fiscal, legal and moral responsibilities to this organization.
6. Board members and staff will work in good faith with me towards achievement of our goals.
7. If the organization does not fulfill its commitments to me, I can call on the Board President and Executive Director to discuss the Organization’s responsibilities with me.

PLAN’s Board meets 4-6 times a year at the PLAN office (7700 Edgewater, Suite 130, Oakland, CA 94621) or virtually for 2.5 hours.

We participate in 2-3 Board-Staff half-day retreats annually.

In addition, PLAN Board members are expected to participate in working committees that meet as necessary between full board meetings.

Ongoing applications are being accepted with a preferred deadline of April 30, 2016.

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