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May 24, 2017

Contact: Enrique Valencia,

LEAD Organizer | 510-444-7526 | Cell: 408-391-8429

Bay Area Parent Leadership Organization Presents Results of an OUSD Family Engagement Audit

OAKLAND, Calif. –  In May of 2017, parents who form part of Bay Area Parent Leadership Action Network’s (PLAN) 100% Engaged for Student Success Campaign Organizing Committee (OC) surveyed nearly forty school sites in OUSD who volunteered to participate in a Family Engagement Audit. On Wednesday evening in the Great Room of La Escuelita, parents, students, and supporters presented the results of these surveys by publishing the report,  “Critical But Underinvested: The State of Family Engagement in OUSD, Part 1.”  (Spanish Version)  

The report findings and recommendations were presented in a gallery walk format by OC members.  One parent leader, Eleazar Cuenca, representing parents who collected these surveys noted, “Although the majority of schools have someone designated to do family engagement work, the majority of the positions have different job titles and work less than full-time.  This makes it hard for parents to know who to go to for resources in a school.”  Another community member, Lucy Espinoza, spoke to another one of the recommendations from the report, “It’s importance of having a designated space for family resources.  We need a space where parents can go for these resources, and large enough provide trainings for at least 30 parents at each school site.  This room is just as important as having a bedroom for sleep in any home.”  Lastly, Sandra Wilson a mother of OUSD students presented, “ About 30% of schools have no knowledge of OUSD’s Family Engagements and are not tracking any of this data.  You can’t engage families, if you don’t know what to engage in.”

PLAN will continue to conduct research to in Part 2 of this report assessing the impact of the financial and human resources investments made by OUSD.  “In a time when school districts like Oakland have seen over $10,000,000 in additional funds, but are having to cut and close schools, we urge OUSD to invest instead family engagement practices that research shows improve student achievement and increases the capacity of schools sites.” remarked Pecolia Manigo, PLAN’s Executive Director and mother of three with two children in OUSD schools.  

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