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eli1-300x225-1787921Dear Ally,

Every parent has big dreams for their child.  And in cities everywhere across the Bay Area families are feeling the pinch to earn extra money for that increase in rent, in groceries, in bridge tolls, etc.   And yet there are still parents who take time to organize for kid’s education.  Whether it is reading for their children at an early age or helping to organize parent committees in their children’s schools to improve learning conditions – parents can participate fully and make opportunities for their children happen.  PLAN’s leadership development deepens experiences parents face as they learn from their peers the ways a parent can take back power for their children.

Eleazar Cuenca is a Latina parent leader who first came to PLAN through our Parents Ready for School workshop series in the fall of 2014. She liked what she found, especially our approach to Transformative Family Engagement – a shared responsibility of families, schools, and communities aimed at helping students learn and achieve.  Eleazar has participated in various PLAN-supported transformative processes, like managing a campaign for traffic safety at a local school, recruiting and supporting a team of parent leaders for increased family engagement as a PLAN Membership Fellow, organized with other parents leaders PLAN’s 100% Engaged Campaign, and now has been hired on PLAN’s staff as an Early Success Parent Organizer.  She will work with parents and early childhood educators to help parents gain resources and practice so they can actively organize.

Make it possible for more parents to build a public education system that provides for equity and the academic success of every child! Hear Eleazar’s story and support Bay Area PLAN today as we raise $5000 before June 30th!

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