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Bay Area PLAN just wrapped up its fourth Summer Parent Leadership Academy. Summer Leadership Academy gives parents and guardians an opportunity to gain new information, become an active advocate for their children’s lives. This year’s Summer Academy was a week long at REACH Academy, and it featured guest and staff presentations, workshops and training. The attendance was great and was very much diverse, parents and guardians showed their dedication all week and completed 30 hours of Leaders Engaged For Active Parents (LEAP) Summer Leadership Academy.  img_0037-300x200-7590292 img_0047-300x200-7350795 img_0139-300x200-5942274 img_0176-300x200-7169880 img_0207-300x200-2412658 img_0254-300x200-8482238 img_0215-300x200-8970305 img_0216-300x200-9910929 img_0211-300x200-2357446 img_0330-300x200-4615700 img_0345-300x200-8489463

         Leadership Academy featured presentations from Dr. Arash Daneshzadeh from University of San Francisco, Public advocates and Bay Area PLAN organizers. Trainings and workshops topics included Family Engagement , School Site Councils (SSCs), Accountability for Student Success, Parent Action Team, Leaders For Engaged & Active Parents. It was a week long of participation, gaining information, but most importantly making lasting connections that families and staff made with each other.

On the Last day of Summer Leadership Academy, PLAN awarded the parents who completed their 30 hours of Leaders Engaged For Active Parents with a certification of completion. The graduation included awards for parents who have made a strong impact in volunteering and leadership. The award ceremony was a night for parents to be honored for all their hard work and accomplishments.

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Thank you to all the Parents, Families, Childcare workers, Presenters, Vendors and Bay Area PLAN staff for making a week of Summer Leadership Academy and Parent Power Awards a success.



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