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Month of Action: We Make LCFF Work

February is #WeMakeLCFFWork Month of Action. This is a moment when, together, we can make LCFF work as it was intended: to reverse decades of educational inequity and create the schools that our students deserve.

The Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) determines how money and resources reach California public school students.The full promise of LCFF for stronger public schools, greater education equity and shared decision making with students, families and educators has yet to be fully realized, but together, we are the ones who can make it work.

That’s why we’re joining Public Advocates, Families In Schools and others in launching #WeMakeLCFFWork month so that students, families and communities can engage in the decisions that impact them most in their schools and districts. Throughout February, we’ll share tools and best practices on our Facebook Page that highlight how communities can and are building stronger cultures of engagement to address racism and inequities in their schools.

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