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Keep Our Kids Safe Campaign Platform

Our Kids, Our Top Priority!

Bay Area PLAN is calling on every parent, family and community member to continue to invest in the safety and health of Black, Indigenous and Immigrant kids. That’s why we look to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations. They are clear on how to contain and survive through the COVID-19 Pandemic sweeping across California counties. Together, they highly recommend that we all work together to ensure kids have access to regular, high quality distance learning, social and emotional supports. They also highly recommend that state and local governments monitor COVID-19 cases and ensure our families have the ongoing resources to Shelter In Place. However, Bay Area Black, Immigrant and Undocumented parents and families have been left to fend for ourselves on meeting our basic needs and managing distance learning for our kids.

So, we are calling on everyone to work together across the Bay Area to demand:

  1. Public Health Departments, County Office of Education and School Districts to #StickToTheScience. We demand their renewed, public commitment to follow CDC and WHO guidelines to implement distance learning for all students. Our School Districts must use the next several weeks to deeply invest in improving distance learning instruction for Fall 2020 in counties and cities where positive COVID-19 cases are increasing daily. We demand a commitment to end unequal access to social, emotional, academic and other student and family supports. Most importantly, we demand that 
  2. Governor Newsom and County Board of Supervisors increase their commitment to being a Sanctuary State. We demand their commitment to improving the implementation of safety net and health services for our families to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Our State and county governments must use the next several weeks to increase cash aid, healthcare access and other resources to communities urgently. We demand that every family is provided the services to effectively implement CDC and WHO guidelines now. 
  3. Governor Newsom and all elected officials in California to endorse #Prop15 #SchoolsandCommunitiesFirst. We demand their commitment to close corporate tax loopholes so California can invest in what we all value: strong schools and healthy communities. Our Governor must strengthen the safety net needed for Black, Immigrant and undocumented families today. When voters pass Prop 15 in November, we demand that state and local governments focus those resources to improve services to parents and families who are unemployed and underemployed.
  4. Corporations, Foundations, and Wealthy Individuals Invest Now in Black, Indigenous and Immigrant Led Organizations. We demand their commitment to organizing and advocacy as the solution needed now to create short-term and long-term change. Foundations and wealthy individuals have the power and cash to invest in base building organizations and groups that are actively holding state and local government accountable to undo anti-black racism. We demand transparency and engagement in how foundations and wealthy individuals’ cash is invested in the community to support parents and families to survive the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Do you believe that we need to #KeepOurKidsSafe? 

SIGN OUR #StickTotheScience PETITION!

Let’s work together to win and implement the solutions

our kids, families and communities need to survive the COVID-19 Pandemic!

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