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Our Staff

Bay Area PLAN is made up of an incredible group of parent and community leaders invested in the transforming schools for students of color and their families. Meet our team!

Pecolia Manigo

Executive Director

Pecolia is PLAN’s Executive Director with over 15 years of organizing and advocacy experience. She joined PLAN in 2013 as a Program Director, and was promoted to Associate Director in 2015. As Associate Director she developed strong relationships with all members, established herself as a leader in the organization and in the parent leadership movement in Oakland.

In January of 2016, she was appointed by the Board of Directors to serve as Acting Executive Director based on her multi-faceted understanding of parent engagement and advocacy.  Prior to coming to PLAN, Pecolia worked for Coleman Advocates organizing with low-income families of color to launch school-based and district-wide campaigns to improve the conditions of their children’s education environments.

During her almost six years with Coleman Advocates she worked to build a theory of change to create systemic change in education in San Francisco. This included creating a hybrid advocacy- and membership-based organizing model and designing education justice campaigns that addressed policies and that shifted institutional responsibility to solutions-oriented strategic planning and implementation.

Before her time at Coleman Advocates, Pecolia worked as an administrative assistant at the East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy (EBASE), where she developed a keen understanding around the operational side of non-profits. Before her work at EBASE, Pecolia worked at the Jamestown Community Center as Coordinator of Youth Power, a middle school leadership development program in San Francisco’s Mission District.

Pecolia believes that authentic and transformative family engagement makes a significant difference in early childhood success for lifelong achievement. Recognizing the boundaries of traditional parent involvement, she leads PLAN to design programs and organizing strategies that foster shared responsibility for student success among families, schools, and communities. Pecolia inspires action through stories of parent-led advocacy efforts to provide quality education for all children. She invites the education sector to reflect on how to meaningfully apply research, experiences, and best practices to foster a deeper understanding of how individual family engagement successes lead to the broader systems change we desire.

Monica Scott Green

Program Director

Monica is an accomplished advocate for parent engagement and partnership in education.  She is an award-winning teacher, keynote speaker, community journalist, management consultant and promoter of African American history and culture.

Monica came to PLAN in 2011 seeking knowledge of her family’s educational rights and confidence to advocate for her child. She served on the organizing committee for the first Oakland-wide Parent -Teacher Summit to improve communications between teachers and parents.

After a PLAN Policy Fellowship advocating passage of California State Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), the landmark accountability law she joined PLAN as a Training Associate in April 2014.  Promoted to Family and School Partnership Lead in 2016 and Program Director in 2018.

As Program Director Monica oversees quality standards for PLAN’s organizing and training programs.  She leads a dynamic team to organize and develop skills and confidence of parents to dismantle oppression and racism in school systems, co-design transformative family engagement policies and practices so that school communities and districts welcome families and children thrive academically, socially and emotionally. She believes that parents must promote and protect the education of children of color.

Monica has cultivated the ability to join forces with people of diverse cultural, and language backgrounds. She has worked with parents and educators throughout the Pacific Rim in Honduras, Thailand, Vietnam, and China, the Outer Pacific Island territories and nations including the Marshal Islands, Palau, Samoa, Northern Mariana Islands and the Federated States of Micronesia.

Her family is originally from the southern Louisiana banks of the Mississippi River, she grew up in Denver, Colorado. Monica has studied in Mexico. Holds a University of Arkansas BA degree, MA in Environmental Planning from California State University, Dominguez Hills and a Doctorate in Organization and Leadership from the University of San Francisco School Of Education.

Sasha Shane

Family School Partnership Lead

Sasha started at PLAN as a Parent Organizer and now is the Family School Partnership Lead with the Leaders Engaged for Active Parents (LEAP) program.  Sasha works with a team of elementary school parents, school site, and district staff to create infrastructure for parent volunteer program, which built capacity and infrastructure for sustained family engagement and increased parent leadership.

Sasha and her family migrated to the United States in 2002 fleeing violence after an attempted kidnapping. Sasha had a hard time adjusting to her new home in East Oakland.  Her parents struggled to access information in order to make Sasha’s educational transition a success. She attended middle and high school in Oakland. In the mid-2000s, Sasha became involved in the movement for immigration reform.  She also organized against budget cuts to save programs in Oakland public schools such as access to cafeterias, gymnasiums, and school libraries.

Sasha learned a valuable lesson as she went off to college; she learned that it takes more than a will to be successful. She values the hard work and organizing needed our communities for schools to be truly transformed.  She believes that every student should have access to excellent education, and parents play a key part in making those transformations a reality.

Eleazar Cuenca

Leadership Development Coordinator

Eleazar Cuenca is a Latina parent leader who first came to PLAN when her child was attending Esperanza Elementary in Oakland. She first got involved with PLAN through our Parents Ready for School workshop series in the fall of 2014. Since then she has organized a site improvement campaign to improve traffic safety for the children and community of Esperanza Elementary in Oakland, California. For 5 years, she served on the School Site Council and supported to develop the leadership of parents at Esperanza to increase family engagement. She has served in PLAN as a member and Leaders for Engage & Active Parents (LEAP) Fellow.

Eleazar became a PLAN staff member in 2018 as Early Success Parent Organizer, thanks to the support of PLAN donors who helped us sustain the Families for Early Success Program in Summer 2018. In 2019, Eleazar became our Leadership Development Coordinator, focusing on improving our leadership development system including how we coach parents and redeveloping our workshop and training calendar. She will use the leadership skills to help other parents of young children make that leap from parent to advocate for their children’s education.

Eleazar is from Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico. She is the proud mother of three children all attending schools in Oakland.

Tyrah Taylor

Operations Manager

Tyrah came to PLAN as the Operations Manager in 2019. Tyrah is responsible for supporting all our programs and operations to thrive! For 10 years, she worked in retail where she developed logistics and management experience. In 2018, she became the Administrative Assistant of a public elementary school where she worked with parents to ensure that their children had the resources to learn. Through her experience, she learned the importance of family engagement and the importance of strong administrative structures to support elementary schools to function appropriately. Being a witness to the resource gaps in public schools, Tyrah’s fondest memories of her role are the opportunities to support parent advocacy to get what they and their children deserve.

She joined PLAN to support the ongoing leadership development of families and to support protecting public schools from further resource lack. Tyrah believes that public schools need strong parents to advocate and organize for our kids and community. Thus, she continues to develop her skills and knowledge as she pursues her degree in Ethnic Studies to ensure that our stories are learned and told.

Tyrah is from Kansas City, Missouri. She is the proud mother of a child who attends public schools in Oakland.

Our Board

Bay Area PLAN’s Board of Directors lead our organization’s effort to be a social justice organization committed to our values and accountable to our community. Meet our board members!

Liz Suk

Board Chair

Liz Suk is rooted in Oakland, CA and uses her passion for community building and social justice to build cooperative spaces that try to challenge the status quo. A connector, she enjoys bringing folks together to eat, drink and talk stories, and finding ways to get off the grid. Liz currently works as the Political Director for Oakland Rising, after working 20+ years in the community providing direct services ranging from foster care, recovery services, domestic violence advocacy and counseling, and youth gang prevention as well as social justice organizing that includes third world liberation, Korea peninsula solidarity, cultural arts and cooperative early childhood education. She is a single mom of two Oakland public school children and staunch believer in self-determination and smashing on cultural appropriation.

Rukiya Humphries

Board Chair

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Salomeh Ghorban


Salomeh Ghorban joined the PLAN Board in Fall of 2017.  Of Iranian descent, Salomeh was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area.  She studied Religious Studies at UC Santa Barbara, and her passion for healing and community moved her to follow a career in Homeopathic medicine.  After, years of study, interning at the school’s free community clinic and working different positions to pay the bills, she took her dream job at La Clinica de la Raza.  She managed a school based health center. She spent several years building and improving services for youth at the school-site clinic based at Roosevelt Middle School. She took a break from youth work to pursue other interests, but couldn’t stay away from her Roosevelt Middle school family for too long.

Salomeh is back at Roosevelt Middle as their College/Career Counselor and has been based at Roosevelt for the last seven years.  Salomeh has a passion for the ocean, loves to surf and volunteers as a surf instructor with Brown Girl Surf in her spare time.

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